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KATYDID Quick Dry Beach Towel - Hello Sunshine

  • $38.00

Cute beach towels are a summer staple. A quick drying, super absorbent, and sand-proof beach towel (that is also stylish) takes it to the next level! Our “Hello Sunshine” beach towel gives you the ultimate in convenience and fun, no matter what your adventure has in store. It’s time to throw on your swimsuit, head outside, and greet the sun again! Shop now, and enjoy fast shipping directly from Texas.

  • Printed on both sides
  • Microfiber material
  • Lightweight
  • Measurements: 63” x 31”

A Bright, Sand-Proof Beach Towel

The beach is a sunny and fun place to be. Why bring your vibes down with dark and bulky beach towels that seem to attract sand during every trip? Our “Hello Sunshine” beach towel is easy to clean while also being super trendy. What more could you ask for? At the end of the day, shake your towel free from the sand and fold it into its matching drawstring bag.

Trendy, Fun, and All-American

Designed in the USA.