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  1. JULIE RYAN Aster Aqua Quartz Earrings
  2. JULIE RYAN Aster Pink Earrings
  3. JULIE RYAN Reese Doublet Earrings
  4. JULIE RYAN Dabney Doublet
  5. JULIE RYAN Caprice Onyx Earrings
  6. JULIE RYAN Clementine Lapis Earrings
  7. JULIE RYAN Tenley Peridot Earrings
  8. JULIE RYAN Seraphina London Blue Earrings
  9. JULIE RYAN Seraphina Topaz Earrings
  10. POWERBEADS BY JEN Love & Light Prayer Candle - O Holy Night
  11. POWERBEADS BY JEN Faceted Safari Agate with Large Antique Silver Blessed Mother
  12. POWERBEADS BY JEN Good Vibes Circle Loop Toggle Necklace with Large Starfish
  13. POWERBEADS BY JEN 18" Circle Loop Toggle Necklace featuring Jen's Blue Enameled & Pearl Blessed Mother Medallion
  14. POWERBEADS BY JEN Iridescent Gold Quartz with Gold Open Cross
  15. POWERBEADS BY JEN Irish Eyes Jasper with Gold Blessed Mother Cross